Is a literary tutoring the same as a creative writing course?

Both are different. In a literary tutoring there is a direct follow-up and teaching is personalized, that is, the tutor is dedicated exclusively to the author’s literary project and provides the specific theoretical tools and resources for that project, while in a creative writing course the teacher works with general contents destined to any author and the classes are group.

Will I really get to write a book? It’s just that I had never considered this …

In Ytulibro we like to assume commitments and guarantee results. That is why we will accompany you to the end and we will do everything possible to complete your literary project. We are proud to say that the dropout rate for those who start writing a book with Ytulibro is 2/10. In fact, many authors choose us precisely to improve their discipline at the time of writing and fight against the lack of constancy that usually appears during the writing alone.

What kind of books do you help write?

We have specialized tutors in various publishing genres: black novel, police novel, fantasy novel, youth novel, satirical novel, journalistic novel, biography, stories and stories, poetry, essay, dramatic script and screenplay, among others.

Can I choose my tutor?

Of course, in fact, we ask you to take a few minutes to review the profile of the professionals that we put at your disposal so that you can choose the one you like the most and respond not only to the needs of your literary project but also to your personal needs. The relationship you will establish with your literary tutor will be very close and it is important that there is chemistry from the first moment. However, if you still can not decide or do not know which could be the best literary tutor for you, you can call us and we will guide you.

What if I want to change my guardian?

You can do it whenever you want, there is no limitation about it.

What I want to tell is quite private and I need to trust …

We are aware of the value that your story has for you and we understand that you are worried about communicating certain private information, that is why we guarantee the confidentiality of everything you tell us through strict legal agreements that our tutors have signed before forming part of the teaching team.

How long will it take to write my book?

When starting a literary project your literary tutor will propose a delivery schedule. However, this schedule may be altered depending on your availability and pace of writing. It is important to know that, once the final schedule is established, you must assume a commitment to work and do everything possible to respect it. Otherwise, without your help, we can not guarantee the effectiveness of our service.

Do you correct my book?

Yes, although our literary correction service is not part of the literary tutoring service and you must request it at the end of your literary project. Of course, we will also correct your book even if you have written it without help, that is, without having previously requested our literary tutoring service.

Do you publish my book?

No, although we know the sector very well and will be happy to advise you.

I do not want to write a book yet, but I do have a short story.

You can request our services whether you want to write an extensive book or want to write a story, a poem or any short text.

I’m outside the United States. How do we do it?

On our website we overcome the borders. Therefore, it is enough that you have a Skype account to enjoy our literary tutoring sessions. You only have to take into account the time difference between your country and the USA, since the schedule of our booking engine is adjusted to the peninsular time.

Before hiring I would like to know if your service is for me. How can I check it?

We believe that all new users should request a free trial of our services before hiring. In fact, we recommend it especially. You should also know that no free trial offered by us is a commitment to hire and that at no time we will ask for any payment information such as your credit card number or bank account. Free is free. Forever.

I need to correct a book. Should I request your literary tutoring service first?

No. Our service of literary correction and literary tutoring are independent.

Why should I correct a book?

Whenever you propose to get professional results you should correct your texts. The correction of texts (spelling correction, grammar correction and style correction) allows to eliminate the errata present in any manuscript and improve the work considerably. If you want your texts to make a good impression from the first moment and have more opportunities in a literary or editorial contest, count on our team of literary proofreaders or with any other professional in the sector, but make sure that anyone who corrects your texts is capable of understand them and understand you and show a special commitment for your work. Do not accept less than that.

What kind of books do you correct?

Everyone. There is no gender that resists us. We correct fiction and nonfiction.

What aspects of the manuscript do you correct?

We deal with the spelling, grammar and style of the text. We review the structure, the background, the form, the theme and the correct relationship and adequacy between all these aspects. We are perfectionists and very demanding with the final result of a manuscript, we correct it not only because we like to do our work well, but because we think that rigor is the best way to show our respect towards the work of an author, the time that has dedicated and the illusion with which he has written.

Is not it enough with the automatic correction tool of my word processor?

Sometimes automatic correction tools help detect a very limited number of errors (and sometimes cause them), which is why they should be used with caution and never as the only control system, since, in addition to interpreting the text As a set of isolated sequences and never as a unit, the automatic correction tools will never be able to perceive if a text reaches the hearts of readers.

Do you apply the corrections directly on the text?

All the corrections that respond to a normative criterion are directly applied to the text. We use the change control tool so you can see at all times what we have done. Style observations, however, appear in comments and usually include alternatives, examples and explanations about the sentence or the paragraph indicated in the text, which will allow you to work with the problematic part in question and improve it.

Do you rewrite the parts of the work that contain errors?

Our literary correction system will try to save you most of the work. However, we are very respectful with the authorship of the work and, before carrying out a change that could alter the aesthetic result of what you are trying to convey, we will talk with you.

How long will it take to correct my book?

The time varies depending on the complexity of the work, however, in most cases the rate of correction of a text is usually between 15 and 20 pages per day.

If I modify a part of the text based on your suggestions, do you also correct those changes?

No, unless we specify it in the same document. In any case, do not worry, we will explain very well how to improve your text and we will give you all the necessary tools to get it.

I have not registered my book, is it safe to send it to you?

The intellectual property of your work will always be safe with us. Anyway, we recommend you register your manuscript before sending it to any site, including our company. It is a simple and free procedure that will not take more than ten minutes and that will allow you to protect the rights of your work. If you want us to explain how to do it, call us and we will help you. We will not charge you for it or ask you for personal information.

Before hiring I would like to know if your service is for me. How can I check it?

We believe that all new users should request a free trial of our services before hiring. In fact, we recommend it especially. You should also know that no free trial offered by us is a commitment to hire and that at no time we will ask for any payment information such as your credit card number or bank account. Free is free. Forever.